Monday, June 27, 2011

The Story of the Lady and Her Umbrella

That day I was at home and very busy with my laptop. Then, someone came to my house but I don't know who is she... I overheard the conversation of the 'Mak Cik' sitting at the balcony of my house. Her conversation was about a girl who always left home at midnight. I don't know the girl too. As much as I tried to focus on my work, I just couldn't. Thus, I decided to leave my work and went to the kitchen.

Then, I thought about the 'Mak Cik' who was sitting at the balcony. She seemed to be so excited when she spoke about that girl. I started wondering, why should I believed the story of what others said? I only know one side of the story. Sometimes, we just simply love to assume about people around us even we don't have full knowledge and information about that. I should be thinking good of that girl since I would rarely know the whole story about her.

To this kind of 'Mak Cik' if you only know the 'T' from the whole 'A' to 'Z', so please don't simply to assume about people around us without full knowledge about that people.

There is a story of a lady and her umbrella that I was read. The story is told about a lady who opened her front door during a heavy rainstorm. A rain soaked lady stood there and said, "Pardon, the wind and rain have completely done me in and I forgot to take an umbrella. I was wondering if I might borrow one. I will return it of course tomorrow."

"Now who is this stranger that stands and asks of me? the lady of the house thought.

"How do I know she will bring it back?" the lady questioned herself.

She had an older umbrella behind the door with broken spines, "Even if the visitor doesn't return it," she said to herself, "I wouldn't have lost much." so, she handed it to the stranger.

The next day a fine carriage approached the house and stopped in front of her house. A footman came up to the door and politely knocked.

"Pardon madam. The Queen wishes to express her thanks for your kindness of yesterday," he said as he handed her the "borrowed umbrella."


A queen? THE Queen?

I can't imagine how sorry this lady was after knowing that the person who knocked on her door was the Queen? We should be thinking good of others and don't judge a book by its cover!

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