Sunday, January 3, 2010


When I come looking for sugar, my bag will be examined to see how much it can hold, it will be filled accordingly. Indirectly, if I want more sugar I should find myself a bigger bag, this is because the quantity of sugar that I will receive depend on the size of my bag.

The issues now…am I willing to work hard to search for the big bag??? Am I satisfied with the size of bag I am currently holding?

Thus, whatever I have worked hard for…whatever efforts I have put in…I shall receive the benefits of my actions accordingly. Whatever I do good or evil, I shall receive the corresponding benefits or consequences. This is fair.

Both in this world and in the hereafter, Allah rewards every one of us for our actions in the most just way. He pays us back in full for whatever we have done during our life and sees everything. I remind myself that I come to this world only once, after this my real life in the hereafter which will go on forever.

“Reward according to the best of their actions”

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